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Funnel Start For MCM2


To SevereOffRoad MCM2

#1 Place your first node were you want the FINISH LINE to be. Then make your spline.

The Start arrow shown here shows were we made the first node.

#2 Close the spline.

#4 Place the gate on the First Node made.

I would save now! (Optional)

#5 Pick any node on the track for your entry point. The rider will stare at this point regardless of  if you move the spline around.

#6 Widen / reshape that node to make for a good entry.

#7 Click " ADD Funnel "

#8 Click where you want the start gate to be. Remember to click this part carefully because you won't be able to move it later!!

#9 Insert nodes and tweak the start Spline the way you want it.


That's it ! if you have any questions post them on the message board here at