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Advanced Displacement Mapping with Leveller
by ElDiablo (Paul)

Special thanks to Twisted D.I.R.T.

I have been asked for quite some time to put together a tutorial on Leveller. Well..I decided to finally give it a shot. This was captured/recorded with TechSmith's SnagIt (demo version) and edited with MS Movie Maker 2.0. It follows only ONE of many ways to create tracks using Leveller and Photoshop (or your favorite graphic program with layers). This is how I make my displacement maps. Once you get used to Leveller I encourage you to play around and try new things and find out what works best for YOU. There are other tutorials out there...and if you really want to be good with Leveller I would tell you to try them ALL.

There are two (2) different ways to download this tutorial. You can either download it all at once OR take it split up into 3 pieces (for dial up users...I would suggest using a d/l manager like FlashGet). The whole video is 25 minutes long and covers creating a track path in PS, importing the track path into Leveller, setting up heightfield constraints, making jumps, berms, hills, ruts, bumps, etc...

Several things are taken for granted here. I am calling this an ADVANCED tutorial because I am assuming that you have already opened and used Leveller a couple of times and therefore I don't explain every little detail. To do so would have taken a LOT longer and made the video impossibly big and imposing for any host website's bandwidth.

I hope that this will spark renewed interest from those who checked out leveller and thought it was easier to use PS or PSP. I think it clearly illustrates that anything you can do in PS or can also do in Leveller, although it may take more thought and carefull planning.

Good luck and enjoy the tutorial. If you have any problems/suggestions, etc... please post them in the Twisted D.I.R.T forums.

Sincerely, ElDiablo (Paul)

Download entire tutorial (you may have to right-click on the link and use Save Link As):

AdvDspLevellerTutorial.rar (35 mb)

Download in 3 parts (you may have to right-click on the links and use Save Link As):

AdvDspLevellerTutorial.part1.rar (12 mb)
AdvDspLevellerTutorial.part2.rar (12 mb)
AdvDspLevellerTutorial.part3.rar (12 mb)

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