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Twisted DIRT was formed a loooong time ago when Motocross Madness was kicking into gear! still is! A couple guys who I ran into on the Zone asked if I would like to be involved in forming a team of track designers and, of course, I jumped at the chance. Randall (AMA_Pop455), Bruce (AMA_Baatk) and myself wanted to have a place where present and future track designers could exchange ideas, ask for help and advice, and to offer the novice designer any information they needed. Are we experts? Some say yes...others disagree. Are we qualified? Definitely! If you don't know who AMA_Baatk have been under a rock! Randall, and his son Justin (AMA_Kipp66), are awesome track designers! So we were the core...looking for some talent.

We didn't really go around and ask people to join...we just spread the word...and got some guys together (see below) who liked our idea. We have collaborated on about 50-70 tracks now. All of them seem to be very popular in the MCM community. We do not want to come across as an "exclusive" team...but we almost are! We have rules...simple rules. We test each others tracks before release to the public quite a bit. That's what makes the track we put out so good. Only a hand full of tracks have gone out to the public right away...that's because they rocked from the beginning!!

We have also expanded our site to include another Motocross game, Moto-X 2000, otherwise known as Extreme Biker brought to us by Deibus Studios. This game is so visually appealing...we had to include it here. Randall, Justin, and Bruce have released some killer tracks for this game. So if you have it...go get the tracks!

That's the short version!

Scott (X_xracer)

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