Tips & Tricks

A simple test
To make sure the compiler is working on your computer you can compile the default track definition file. Before you can compile a track you must save the track definition file, because the compiler uses the track definition file and not what you have in the project view window. Once you have saved the track definition file click on the compile for beta testing button and a flat SX track will be compiled to the Beta Track Slot 1. You can then start Reflex and select Beta Track Slot 1 and ride it.

Texture files
The compiler only recognises bitmap BMP files at the moment. This will change in the future. All the files used to build the track need to be in the same folder so that the compiler can find them. The idea is to have one folder per track where you can keep the track definition and all of your tracks texture files. You can of course arrange it however you want, as long as all of the files for any one track are in the same folder.

Adding your own texture files
As well as cutting and pasting, you can add your files to the track definition file using the popup menu on the Project view window. First place the cursor in the Project view window where you want the file name to appear, or select an old file name that you want to replace. Then right click on the Project view window and then select the top option labelled 'Insert a file name..'. A window will open that lets you select the file. When you click on the Open button the file name will be pasted into the file definition where you placed the cursor.

Recompiling a track with Reflex running
Since the compiler doesn't use DirectX it is possible to re-compile a track without shutting Reflex down. Just exit the track if you were testing it, which will take you back to the beginning of the track selection menus. Then re-compile your track. You will then be able to re-select your Beta test track and ride it again immediately the compiler has finished.

Automatically opening *.TRACK files
The compiler can be used with file associations to automatically open a file by double clicking on it. To create the association, find a *.TRACK file and then right click on it. From the popup menu select the option labelled 'Open with...'. You will then have to browse your computer to find where you installed the compiler. Select the ReflexCompiler.exe and make sure the box labelled at the bottom of the 'Open with...' window labelled 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' is checked and then press the ok button. From now on you will only need to double click a track definition file in order to edit or compile it.
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