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//I hope this can grow into a useful tool for helping everyone to make the best tracks they can for MX vs ATV Reflex. Please send me feedback ( on the content or any new info you would like added. Dirt Twister

The Reflex Track Compiler
~-[[ReflexTrackCompilerOverview Overview]]
~-[[ReflexTrackCompilerInstallation Installation]]
~-[[ReflexTrackCompilerSharing Sharing]]
~-[[ReflexTrackCompilerTipTricks Tips & Tricks]]

Basic structure to begin with
~-[[GettingStarted Getting Started]]
~-[[DisplacementMaps Displacement Maps]]
~-[[Textures Textures]]
~-[[BikeRiderSkins Bike and Rider Skins]]

Some tips on creating shortcuts in Windows Common File Open/Save Dialogs:

~ [[CreateShortcutsInFileOpenSaveDialogs Create shortcuts in Windows File Open/Save dialogs]]

To look up generic information about using Wikka Wiki:

~[[WikkaWikiInfo Wikka Wiki Info]]
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