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New: Leveller Tutorial

Advanced Displacement Mapping with Leveller.
Paul (ElDiablo) has put together a tutorial on editing displacment maps with Leveller. see it here
  Armadillo Basics
  Rainbow Studio's first official Armadillo tutorial movie. click here

  Rainbow Studio's second official Armadillo tutorial movie. click here

  Displacement Mapping
    Designing with plateaus. Learn a simple method to keep track of the elevations on your displacement map. click here

    Simulating contour line topo maps: An easy way to visualize elevations in your displacement maps. click here  
  Texture Mapping
  How to use Bryce to create beautiful terrain texture maps click here

  Twisted DIRT On Track Textures click here

  Track ID Pictures
  How to bundle a custom picture in your track. click here

  Custom Objects
  Learn how to create MCM2 custom objects in 3dMax with this complete 4 page step by step tutorial. click here

  The Armadillo Project Manager (APM) is a utility that prepares projects for bundling in Armadillo. The APM automatically edits your project files and can run the MakeCMP utility. APM can process in a couple of clicks what can take hours to do manually. click here

  Object Tutorial: the original breakthrough tutorial about custom objects click here

  A step by step Object Tutorial: a long one, it shows all the details click here

  Custom Sounds
  How to place sounds in your track. click here


  Eliminate floating trees. Lower and embed the base of tree trunks and vegetation into the terrain. click here

  Vegetation tweaks: Learn how to edit the shape and size of the vegetation models. click here

  Placement Map tutorial: Learn how to landscape your terrain by placing the vegetation just where you want it to be. click here

  Probability Mapping made EZ with this step by step for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. click here

  Probability Mapping: tips and info. click here

  Spline and Funnel
  Gateless Start and Finish Lines: a illustrated step by step process. click here

  Funnel Starts: a illustrated step by step for correct funnel placement. click here
  Baja and Enduro
  How to bundle waypoint style Baja and Enduro Races that really work in MCM2. click here

  Sky Cubes
  Fog and Sky Cube basics: use fog settings to create a smooth horizon line. click here

    Create sky cube paintings in Bryce with Custom Made Bryce template files and a easy to follow flash tutorial by JMS. click here

  Sky cube tutorial: Maui_Cool shows you how to add custom skies to MCM2 tracks. click here


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